Coronavirus – Local support

If you are 70 or older or have pre-existing health conditions then you could be at a higher risk of serious complications from coronavirus. You should follow Government advice and stay at home. Please arrange for family, neighbours and friends or local community groups to deliver the food and medicines you need. If you do not have this support available please register with the Essex Welfare Service at 0300 303 9988.

If you are an employer/ have a business and would like more information / advice please view

The Digital Access Team can support you if you are self-isolating and you want to get connected without leaving home. Whether you need support setting up your online grocery shop, ordering your repeat prescriptions online via the NHS App or video calling loved ones – they’re able to help.

Email  or call 01255 686497 (Please leave a message on the answerphone if the team are on other calls and they will call you back).

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