Home Visits

Clinicians do see patients for home visits but only if the patient is medically housebound.

This means that a lack of transport is not a valid reason for a home visit.

If patients are too unwell to come to the surgery then the doctor will visit them on the same day, usually between 12pm and 3pm- for this reason it is preferred that the home visit is requested as early as possible.

  • It is always preferred for you to be seen at the surgery as we have all the equipment needed for clinicians to perform the examinations which may be required.
  • It also takes a lot longer to perform a home visit (around the time it takes to see 2-4 patients at the surgery), particularly with our large catchment area, so if you can avoid a home visit or become well enough to come to the surgery please let us know as soon as possible.

If a patient is housebound and is due to have a blood test, the surgery can arrange for the home phlebotomy team to come out and do this, however they will not tell the patient when they are coming because they are assumed to be housebound and therefore always at home.

The nurses will also visit patients do perform annual reviews if the patient is housebound.